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Some News about the current status of Valkyria!
20.11.2020 | Posted by Crowley

Dear players,

we were a bit quiet the last few days and we just wanted to let you know whats going on behind the scenes.

The last Patches didnt have anything big in them and the shopsearch is not done yet, because unfortunately our developer is not with us anymore.
For the last few days we were searching for a new one, but as our source is very hard to work on, none of them were able to do anything.

We were hoping to find a replacement before our old developer had to leave, or at least find one so fast that the users (you) wouldnt have noticed anything.
As we all know, that unfortunately didnt work out.

We are writing this because we get more and more messages from you guys asking if we are done and want to let the server die. That is absolutely not the case!

We are still working on content updates and smaller changes in the background that we can do without a dev. We're also making everyting ready so when we find a dev, its easier for him to get everything done that needs to be done right now.

We know its not much but we hope for your understanding.
We will keep you guys updated and are thankful for everybody thats still with us. We will get through this together!

Kind regards,
A message from the Team & News!
19.10.2020 | Posted by Crowley

Dear players,

we just wanted to give you guys some news as we didn't bring a patch today.

We still worked hard today, so there will be an even bigger patch tomorrow, but we just couldn't get everything ready in time today.

We know that a few of you had some problems with the Offline-Shop.
There will be a fix for that with the patch coming tomorrow as well. We're sorry for the inconvenience!

We're still going through your suggestions and are thankful for your interest.
Most of you probably know that already, but please do not get it wrong if we don't bring your suggestion instantly or even not at all.
We are grateful for the suggestions, but we just cant take all of them. And some of them take time to implement.

Everything else is looking good so far.
The Server is stable and there were no big downtimes.

On other news..

We deactivated the Yang cost from the Slime dungeon for now.
We know that there's currently a "joining" problem. This will be fixed in the next patch.

Also, today was our first big ban wave of botting/hacking users.
Our implemented system from last patch is working great.
Still, if you find anyone hacking feel free to contact one of our Team members or make a video yourself.
You can report them in the ❗bots channel on our discord.

You can look forward to the following in the next patch:

- Removed ranged monsters from Nephrite Bay
- Made the Slime dungeon easier
- Increased pickup range

And lots more...

At the same time, we're also working on new content/systems.
So be prepared!

The team thanks every one of you for your patience and loyalty and we will be back with another patch tomorrow!

Kind regards,
The Start & The first Patch!
17.10.2020 | Posted by Crowley


we just finished our first little update.

We take your suggestions very seriously. A lot of today's changes are from the 👍suggestions channel on our Discord.
If you have something on your heart or would like to see a change, this is the right place.

You can see what exactly we fixed or changed on the 📋patch-notes channel on our Discord.

The Server start went pretty well, no big problems or bugs.

We know about the probably biggest problems right now - the client crashes and the bot users. We made some changes to the server and will have better insight on who is using any type of bot/cheat software now meaning we can more easily ban them. Also we are currently working on the client crashes, this doesn't seem to be something we can still fix today, but we will keep you up to date!

Kind regards,
The Valkyria Team ❤️
Discord x Elitepvpers Costume Event!
12.10.2020 | Posted by Crowley

Dear players,

we know you're all very hyped for the start so we wanted to give some loyal users the opportunity to get a one time special reward.

A custom made costume! (Actually 3, beacuse there will be 3 winners)

The winners of this Giveaway will have the opportunity to let our designer make them a fully custom made costume (tradable) that only they will have.

To participate you'll have to write a comment on Elitepvpers (the message should contain the following hashtag: #ValkyriaEvent)
and take part in the Discord "Costume" Giveaway. You can do so by clicking the "Party Cracker" icon at the designated message in the 🎲giveaways Channel.

The winners of the Discord "Costume" giveaway will be contacted and asked to write us a Private message with their Elitepvpers account.
We'll then check if they've commented and give out the prize afterwards.

Some important information:
The giveaway will end on October 16. (16.10.2020).
The comment on Elitepvpers must not be spam!
It should be a contribution that makes sense. So it can also be constructive criticism.
One word posts will not only be deleted by the Elitepvpers team but are also not considered as participation.

We wish every participant good luck.

Kind regards,
The Valkyria Team